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MY RECENT SKINCARE with 100%Pure + little tip

MY RECENT SKINCARE with 100%Pure + little tip

Recently my skin has rapidly changed and I was looking for some good natural acne treatment. At this moment I'm really happy with products I’m using on my skin every morning and night. I still can't tell if it helps for 100% but I can definitely see a little difference. It takes a few weeks when you can see some results. I mentioned 100% PURE before and I think this brand deserves another shout out because it's really good, filled with only natural products and everything I use smells great! Btw it's not sponsored, I just want to share products I'm really satisfied with. ♥ 


Tea Tree & Willow Acne Clear Cleanser - tea tree oil is a popular acne product thanks to its disinfecting properties, it's natural antibacterial. With this cleanser I wash my face every morning and every night after I remove my make up with a coconut oil. I also apply small amount of this facial cleanser onto the Konjac Charcoal Sponge and gently massage my face. Then I rinse face and sponge with warm water. I feel so refreshed after. 


Tea Tree & Willow Acne Clear Astringent - I use this toner after my cleansing routine, I pump small amount onto cotton pad. It sweeps away the excess oil and clears up clogged pores. 

Hydra Drench Water Gel Cream - I have a combination skin so I needed some moisturizer which had to be light and not that creamy. 100% PURE helped me to pick the right cream for my skin so I tried this water gel cream and it was so good to my skin I just ordered another one! It's super lightweight and quickly absorbing, exactly what I needed. I can highly recommend this one! 


Purity Acne Clearing Cleanse + Mask - this mask/cleanser is my new favorite product! Reason? You can use it as a cleanser OR as a mask! How clever! I love the both ways but I use it mostly as a mask. For acne-prone skin it's perfect. It's deeply detoxifying and my skin feels so fresh! Unfortunately it's discontinued on their website so here is a similar product which I was using before too and it's also very good! 

I also have one tip for a mobile app which has been really helpful to me these days! It's called THINK DIRTY and it shows you on a scale from 0-10 how clean or dirty your beauty products are. How cool is that?! I think that's an amazing idea and we became a really good friends with! You scan the product by the barcode and you read all about the ingredients and how toxic they are! If the products you use contains some bad stuff it shows you similar options which are cleaner. YAY! 


I would love to hear from you some of your experiences with acne treatments, what works for you the best & other tips! Feel free to leave a comment down below. Thank you! ♥ 

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