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Most of the photos were taken by Lukas because I was too lazy to carry the camera. 

One last minute trip to London. We were just spontaneously walking around, drinking too much coffee and eating a lot. London was really nice to us, treated us with a nice weather and sunsets. I've been to London many times now but I'm always amazed by its brick houses, especially when I live in "beige" Prague. It has that different vibe. When me and Lukas travel somewhere we always enjoy the first day the most and it always becomes our strongest memory. Everything is new, every smell, every corner... You don't feel that when you leaving. First days are the best.

Here are some places I enjoyed the most:

the cutest Notting Hill


batch brew from Workshop Coffee (yes, I drink coffee again)

a black cab

watching people in front of the cute wooden pubs, drinking beers and laughing


a tea from Yumchaa

fish & chips at The Golden Hind (not gluten free, cheat day it was)

bricks, bricks & bricks

everything about Ozone Coffee Roasters (we even came twice in one day)

Shoreditch district, Soho district

LEON (healthy fast food, I really need this in Prague!!)


Some things I didn't enjoy:

my food poisoning

hot London underground (London people, how can you exist there in the summer?!)

and that's it, I think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Eli K.

Eli K.

Beauty by Hermankova louka

Beauty by Hermankova louka

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PRIMALLY PURE / review + giveaway