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Found treasures in Lithuania!

Found treasures in Lithuania!

Finding local ethical brands is extremely important to me so when I discovered these two brands from Lithuania, I was amazed how beautiful their products are. Let me introduce them a bit.



Neringa nad Linas, a married couple, who decided to continue in their family tradition of knitting and started a brand called Rūkė, focusing on handmade knitted sweaters, blankets, socks etc. They care about good quality, simple design and it's made sustainably. You can tell they really enjoy making the products. I just love brands who create with love! 



Linen! Who wouldn't love this material. It looks amazing and feels even better! And there's no wonder why it's so popular. It's one of the strongest natural textile, made from a flax plant, it lasts longer and can also be worn in any kind of weather. The brand Magic Linen is eco friendly, organic and they offer not just women's clothes but they also sell beautiful bed sheets, kitchen and bath's accessories. I will definitely consider to buy more for my home. 


I would love to know more sustainable brands with linen products. Let me know in the comments below if you know some. Thank you! :) 

Phone Editing tips for your Instagram & Stories

Phone Editing tips for your Instagram & Stories

BIG NEWS: online shop!

BIG NEWS: online shop!