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My cat Coconut loves Coconut Oil!

My cat Coconut loves Coconut Oil!

It was just a matter of time when I do a blog post about coconut! I LOVE coconut in every single form - coconut chips, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut skincare, my cat Coconut…so when I discovered this brand Skinny Coco there was no question, I had to try it! When the package arrived it looked like more as a package for my cat Coconut because guess what, she actually loves to eat coconut oil haha! But no worries, a small amount of coconut oil is actually good for pets, you can put it on their furry coats as a repellent, it has deworming effects and it also helps with digestion. One teaspoon of coconut oil a day keeps the doctor away ;) 

There are many many ways how to use coconut oil - a body moisturizer, as a hair mask, digestive help, for cooking. I also use it as a make up remover together with a wet towel. No disposable cotton pads. It works great!

Oil Pulling - I've just recently started this technique so I don’t have any results yet. It's an ancient practise from Ayurvedic medicine to clean and detoxify teeth and gums. You swish a teaspoon of the oil in your mouth every morning before eating and drinking. After 20 minutes you spit the oil out, no swallowing because it can be full of toxins and bacterias from your mouth. And then you can normally brush your teeth. 


About Skinny Coco:

This super friendly brand produces a 100% RAW coconut oil, free from toxins, produced in a sustainable way and they also supports a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides the Coconut Oil, I also got their Raw Deodorant - cedarwood, it smells delicious! And the Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub and let me just tell you, your skin will be the smoothest skin ever! It contains only the good stuff - coconut oil, vanilla and coconut sugar. 

I would highly recommend this brand to you, check out their other products. ♥  

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Would be happy if you'll share with me any other tips how you’re using a coconut oil, it’s a just a miraculous thing!

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NILA photoshoot & cat photobombs!

NILA photoshoot & cat photobombs!